Used Ford 5.4 Engines for Sale

Ford created its Triton series in the mid 1990s to go inside of its F-Series pickup truck. The V8 power that this engine puts out is one of the reasons that customers prefer this motor over some of the others in the Ford Motor Company lineup. The torque, horsepower and reliability what the Triton offers is one reason why we sell this Ford 5.4 engine to customers. We’re able to offer this engine for pricing that is lower than other sources online. The used motors that you’ll locate in our warehouse give you the value you demand along with the lowest price tag.

Here at, you’ll notice the difference with our inventory levels. Instead of a single auction website or seller, we have an entire team of buyers that locate preowned motors for sale. We search, verify and test this inventory when it arrives at our company. This is how we raise the satisfaction level of each Triton engine customer. The 5.4 displacement in what we sell is reliable as well as powerful. People come to use from all walks of life to get something for a vehicle that has long-term value. This is what we deliver.

Ford 5.4 Engine Specs

Buying engines online can come with hidden surprises if you’re not careful. Some unfortunate people learn the hard way about doing research before auto parts are purchased on the Internet. We’ve removed the guesswork when it comes to finding out the specs of what you’re buying from us. Our 4-valve V8 engines come with up to 389 horsepower. The total power level is dependent on the engine code that you use when you purchase. The total power is what is instantly noticeable with the specs of the 5.4. There is a reason that Ford used this inside of the GT, Falcon and Navigator series vehicles. We deliver on the promise of a genuine engine for sale to you.

We trust the V8 power that is put into what we sell. We’re the manufacturer although we believe in the Ford Motor Company. This brand is one of our best sellers and will likely continue to be at the top of our list. You can’t hide the quality of the engineering and development. This is one reason why our warranted motors hold up against any you’ll find online. We personally attach warranties along with a Triton when it is purchased. This extra guarantee is one commitment we make to customers. There are no hidden problems or issues when send out motors. This is evident in the feedback we get from owners of these powerful engines.

Ford 5.4 Engine Quotes Online

Few dealers or sellers of Ford products are able to give pricing right online. We’re among this group. We’ve customized the quotation system used here to make it effortless for anyone interested in our low pricing. Use the form now and you’ll get all the information you need before you purchase. Speak with our experts by phone right now and we’ll help you immediately. You came to the right motor website online to get a Triton V8.