Used Dodge 4.7 Engines for Sale

Chrysler named its 4.7 engine a PowerTech in most Jeep and larger vehicles. The 90-degree build is offered in the V8 configuration and is housed in an aluminum block. The cam shaft was built with the single overhead design although SMFI is still present. A person seeking top quality used Dodge 4.7 engines for sale can find inventory on this helpful resource.

Who makes the 4.7 V8 engine? Chrysler started production on this series in the year 1999. It was referred to as the Next Generation Magnum in all advertising. The success of the Magnum 3.9 and 5.2 was a big deal for the truck series at Dodge. By updating the cast iron cylinders, the 4.7 was able to output a steady increase in horsepower.

4.7 PowerTech V8 Engines

The Jeep edition was the first public entry for the 4.7. The standard edition was built using a chain drive system that included either a 4 or 5-speed transmission pairing. The engine is a water cooled design and runs only on E85 fuel. The early version was only a 2-valve design and was used in the Aspen, Ram 1500 and Dakota vehicles.

In 2002, Chrysler started production on its HO or high output 4.7. While production only lasted for a 5-year period, there was a lot of progress that was made for the V8 series. The high output V8 was used mainly in the Ram and Dakota series although was still installed into compatible Jeep SUVs. Someone who plans to purchase any preowned Dodge motor will likely have questions.

Purchasing Used 4.7 Dodge Engines: What to Know

The official termination date for the 4.7 was the year 2013. Because this motor is not being produced at this time, there is a direct shortage of working units on the secondary market. Someone who is searching through salvage listings or higher quality builds featured on this website should know what is out there. What it comes down to for most people is how many miles are already on the block.

The reason that high mileage can quickly kill a sale is because it is hard to know how long a motor will last. When swapping a 4.7 Dodge engine, a person will usually want to use the replaced unit for a number of years. Without a good warranty policy, someone will struggle to keep a used motor in good enough condition to get more years out of its life.

Find Used 4.7 Dodge Motors Here

There is a simple to access search system built into this website. This is much better than a generic listing of inventory numbers. A person can even find a direct match by inputting a VIN number. This lessens confusion about which V8 editions are compatible with Chrysler made vehicles. As a second option, a phone number is offered to national buyers to use.

Locating the best resource to buy cast iron V8 4.7 Dodge engines is not easy. Using this Motor Universe resource, a person should save a lot of valuable time and money when the checkout process is complete.