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Car Motors for Sale in Stock

Motor Universe offers quality used motors for sale for all makes and models of vehicles. We’re not a third party drop shipper of used engines. What you find are OEM makes that are sold for prices less than competitors online. We sell cheaper than eBay, cheaper than Craigslist and cheaper than other name sources online. What customers expect from us is what we deliver. All engines in used condition sold from this website or by phone are handled by our company. We own our own warehouse and coordinate all of our shipments each day.

Search through our inventory of car motors and you’ll find the one that you need for replacement. We sell sedan, hatchback, passenger car, compact and other popular car styles of motors here. Since we deal with domestic and foreign suppliers, we’re able to get great deals for customers. Dealing with a broken down automobile engine ends when you become our customer. The good thing about what we sell is that the motors are ready for installation upon arrival. Since these are used and low mileage motors for sale, you or your mechanic can install them inside your automobile easily.

Truck Motors Ready to Ship

Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, Toyota, Lincoln and GMC are just some of the pickup truck engines you’ll find for sale. We’ve been selling these types for decades. What you might not know is that we’re huge truck fans ourselves. We know the history of the pickup and how it has changed through the years. One thing that has remained constant is the reliability of the engine types. You know that when you install something from our company into your truck that it is of high value. You get the low mileage you want and fast shipment that you prefer ordering here.

Every Motor Receives a Warranty

We don’t give a black eye to the used automotive industry by not providing a motor with a warranty. The U.S. vehicle surge in popularity means that millions of vehicles have been sold. We supply engines for sale to individuals, mechanics, body shops as well as warranty mechanics and salvage yards. What comes through our warehouse and out to each customer receives warranty coverage. We believe in our inventory and know the 4-cylinder, V6, V8, V10 and diesel engines that are supplied are all checked and evaluated for you. Your engine replacement or engine swap will happen without errors with a motor from our website.

Motor Specialists Available

Tired of waiting days for an email engine quote to arrive? We’ve eliminated the wait that can happen with inquiring about engines online. Let one of our Motor Universe specialists take care of you right now. You can ask us pretty much anything and we’ll get you the answer. We use our toll free number to help provide the customer service that you’re searching for in the engine industry. We’re also available by email although you get to speak with real people instantly when you call us toll-free.